We develop media and workshops that catalyze reflection, dialogue, and action around our relationship to life and what we desire to create while we are here.


The Reconsider Experience is a unique Five Movement methodology that moves through Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagine, and Manifest. It creates an opportunity to truly explore challenging issues in our lives and guides us into the freedom to create our lives with greater skills, empowerment, clarity and depth, which we most deeply desire. It actually is a pathway to our freedom to live life in a whole new way, we aren’t just saying that.  Facilitators use innovative concepts, playful exercises, self-reflection, writing and conversation that allow participants to experience life in a way that they never have experienced before.  AND, it can all be done at your own pace and at your own comfort level! The best way for us to explain the process is for you hear the testimonials from previous participants and better yet, experience it for yourself.  You have nothing to loose and a new way of living to gain!


At Reconsider we recognize the power of media.  We believe in using media to inspire curiosity, cultivate reflection and open dialogue allowing people the opportunity to connect and experience transformative perspectives and concepts.

We often use film as an element of Reconsider experiences and workshops.

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