Reconsider ME

This workshop is about YOU! You can choose what kind of life you want to live, yet most of us do not realize that it’s a choice.

The Reconsider ME experience is an opportunity to step more boldly into your life and uncover the choices, patterns, energies and communications–conscious and unconscious–that create your reality. Reconsider ME is an exploration into profoundly compelling ideas that can make life more enjoyable, engaging, and powerful.

Through inquiry, reflection, conversation, and exercises, the facilitated workshop enacts the transformation through exploring five movements: Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagining, and Manifesting.

Intro to Reconsider ME – 1½ – 2 hours
This introduction to Reconsider’s methodology and approach is a chance to experience and play with possibility. While meant to be a brief introduction, you will definitely come away with new insights and perspectives on your life. Suitable for beginning and intermediate participants.

Reconsider ME Core – 2 – 2½ days
This is a foundation experience where we focus on the first three movements: Curiosity, Awareness and Own Your Creation. This experience is designed for individuals to take repeatedly, and dive deeper each time, for new insights.

Reconsider ME Create (Prior completion of Reconsider Core IS required) – 2½ days
Review of concepts in Reconsider Core and a focus on Reimagining and Manifesting. As we move through our lives and continue to create, this Experience is available to be retaken as desired.

Reconsider Retreat 2019 – 4 days
This retreat consists of a deep dive into Reconsider Core and Reconsider Create. Tentatively scheduled for June 2019, this 4 day Experience is appropriate for all. Limited spaces are available. If you’re interested in placing your name on the registration list, please reach out to us at

Custom Experiences
We tailor experiences for particular groups, communities, and locations. Each group has its own ethos. We respect and honor differences and work with hosts to develop what is right for their group. To design your group experience, email us at

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