Reconsider WE

Reconsider WE is about US! It is an experiential process to transform teams and organizations, to enhance their relationships with themselves and others, and to change the culture in which they exist—and ultimately the society—for the better.

This is about challenging each team member to understand the current narratives they live within, to look at their roles within the team, and to take responsibility to create an empowering environment for all.

Through inquiry, reflection, conversation, and captivating exercises, a transformative experience is facilitated through exploration of five principles: Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagining, and Manifesting.

Reconsider WE Core – 2½ day
This is a foundational experience where we focus on the first three movements: Curiosity, Awareness and Own Your Creation. This Experience is designed to create connections, to develop personal and collective insights, and to provide tools to strengthen collaboration.

Reconsider WE Create (Prior completion of Reconsider Core is required.) – 2½ days.
Here we review the concepts in Reconsider Core and learn to apply them within the last two Reconsider movements: Reimagining and Manifesting. This is where the teams begins to imagine greater possibilities, and create steps, both personally and collectively, to manifest what they envision.

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