Our style is playful, innovative, powerful and supportive. By designing a safe space to explore and discover the ways in which we create our lives, Reconsider facilitates a journey of deep introspection and dialogue to arrive at boundless creativity.

We curate events which guide participants to recognize and unravel patterns that impede growth and disrupt possibility. By reconsidering our very relationship to life, to our selves, and others, we can transform the environments in which we live–and ultimately society-for the better.

Reconsider experiences are offered for groups from twenty to two hundred. Each is tailored to the specific audience and setting, as each group and community enters into transformation conversations from different angles.

The workshop is structured in several modules and ranges from half-day to more extensive multi-day sessions. A 2 hour introductory session is also available; this is where many begin their journey.

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Our Approach

The Reconsider process is a unique Five Movement methodology that allows us to explore challenging places in our lives that prevent us from living as we wish. Facilitators use innovative concepts, playful exercises, writing, self-reflection, and conversation to move participants through a personal exploration of their lives and worldview to enable greater freedom and a dynamic relationship with life.

The Workshop takes participants through five transformational core movements:


- Nothing happens without an energy igniting it.

Moving from a place of judgment to a place of curiosity, we begin to understand how our current situation makes sense. By fostering curiosity, we can open to each other’s narratives, and release preconceived ideas.


- Life has patterns and structures.

Where do our beliefs and narratives come from? How do we shift them if they are not working? Rather than simply defending our beliefs, we can become conscious of how situations and systems are created and sustained, a critical step in a process of renewal and perpetual creation.

Own Your Creation

- Taking 100% responsibility for our lives.

What does it mean to be responsible for my world? How can I feel fully empowered when as an individual I can’t control the world around me? Recognizing ourselves as creators and sustainers of our systems and society is an invitation to engage in a more deliberate, dynamic and connected way.


- is where we see the issue resolved.

The ability to dream and imagine beyond our current state leads to questions such as: What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of life do you want to create? What challenges can we expect to face as we reimagine a new possibility? Here we are invited to see ourselves as full co-creators of our lives.


- Working together to create.

What are the challenges of working together? How can we experience common values? What are ways to support both common and differing visions? Here we enact and embody new visions and possibilities in communication and collaboration with others . . . and in relationship to Life.

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Reconsider ME

This workshop is about YOU! You can choose what kind of life you want to live, yet most of us do not realize that it’s a choice.

The Reconsider ME experience is an opportunity to step more boldly into your life and uncover the choices, patterns, energies and communications–conscious and unconscious–that create your reality. Reconsider ME is an exploration into profoundly compelling ideas that can make life more enjoyable, engaging, and powerful.

Through inquiry, reflection, conversation, and exercises, the facilitated workshop enacts the transformation through exploring five movements: Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagining, and Manifesting.

Intro to Reconsider ME – 1½ – 2 hours
This introduction to Reconsider’s methodology and approach is a chance to experience and play with possibility. While meant to be a brief introduction, you will definitely come away with new insights and perspectives on your life. Suitable for beginning and intermediate participants.

Reconsider ME Core – 2 – 2½ days
This is a foundation experience where we focus on the first three movements: Curiosity, Awareness and Own Your Creation. This experience is designed for individuals to take repeatedly, and dive deeper each time, for new insights.

Reconsider ME Create (Prior completion of Reconsider Core IS required) – 2½ days
Review of concepts in Reconsider Core and a focus on Reimagining and Manifesting. As we move through our lives and continue to create, this Experience is available to be retaken as desired.

Reconsider Retreat 2019 – 4 days
This retreat consists of a deep dive into Reconsider Core and Reconsider Create. Tentatively scheduled for June 2019, this 4 day Experience is appropriate for all. Limited spaces are available. If you’re interested in placing your name on the registration list, please reach out to us at

Custom Experiences
We tailor experiences for particular groups, communities, and locations. Each group has its own ethos. We respect and honor differences and work with hosts to develop what is right for their group. To design your group experience, email us at

Reconsider WE

Reconsider WE is about US! It is an experiential process to transform teams and organizations, to enhance their relationships with themselves and others, and to change the culture in which they exist—and ultimately the society—for the better.

This is about challenging each team member to understand the current narratives they live within, to look at their roles within the team, and to take responsibility to create an empowering environment for all.

Through inquiry, reflection, conversation, and captivating exercises, a transformative experience is facilitated through exploration of five principles: Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagining, and Manifesting.

Reconsider WE Core – 2½ day
This is a foundational experience where we focus on the first three movements: Curiosity, Awareness and Own Your Creation. This Experience is designed to create connections, to develop personal and collective insights, and to provide tools to strengthen collaboration.

Reconsider WE Create (Prior completion of Reconsider Core is required.) – 2½ days.
Here we review the concepts in Reconsider Core and learn to apply them within the last two Reconsider movements: Reimagining and Manifesting. This is where the teams begins to imagine greater possibilities, and create steps, both personally and collectively, to manifest what they envision.

Film Events

Movie: Disturbing the Peace or Planetary / Discussion / Workshop

Screening and post screening Q&A /discussion of the award-winning films: Disturbing the Peace or Planetary provides an empowering experience for organizations to motivate and engage their members in deeper conversations, and to inspire innovative ideas.

Reconsider is able to create an experience that incorporates films, dialogue opportunity and even a mini workshop experience. It can be customized to fit your organization and company and it is a great introduction into the Reconsider Experience.

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